Prologue: On Parole (En libertad condicional) es parte del Prologue. Ambientado en Digne durante 1815; Jean Valjean encuentra trabajo en una granja, yendo a una posada y siendo expulsado de ella.

En la reedición francesa se conoce como En liberté conditionnelle.


You'll have to go
I'll pay you off for the day
Collect your bits and pieces there
And be on your way.

You have given me half
What the other men get
This handful of tin
Wouldn't buy my sweat!

You broke the law
It's there for people to see
Why should you get the same
As honest men like me?

Now every door is closed to me
Another jail. Another key. Another chain.
For when I come to any town
They check my papers
And they find the mark of Cain.
In their eyes
I see their fear
'We do not want you here.'

Mujer del posadero:
My rooms are full
And I've no supper to spare
I'd like to help a stranger
All we want is to be fair.

I will pay in advance
I can sleep in a barn
You see how dark it is
I'm not some kind of dog.

You leave my house!
Or feel the weight of my rod.
We're law abiding people here
Thanks be to God.

And now I know how freedom feels
The jailer always at your heels
It is the law!
This piece of paper in my hand
That makes me cursed throughout the land
It is the law!
Like a cur
I walk the street,
The dirt beneath their feet...